what are dōbooks 

dōbooks are interactive digital children’s books for all ages, illustrated with beautiful original art and sprinkled with music & sounds. Watercolor pages by renowned artist Vigen Sogomonyan are first rendered, then worked through a separation process enabling us to slightly animate various elements on screen, thereby offering subtle and beautiful movements in selected artwork.

Rather than turning pages, navigation is achieved by observing and tapping on sparkling elements.

Our dōbook also utilizes a branching system within the story allowing the reader to explore different paths and experience up to three alternate endings. Each adventure contains a puzzle, mini-games and hidden trophies, but what makes a dōbook truly unique is how it engages the reader, bringing interactivity to a whole new level.

The dōbook enables each child to create their own identity by entering his or her name in a login screen. This feature has a dual purpose: engaging the child on a responsive level, while allowing the technical capabilities of the iOS platform to include the reader at various points within an adventure. Wrapped in an imaginative, educational environment, children can then help the protagonists with different tasks, while learning interesting and relevant aspects of new and different cultures.

dōbook also offers three reading levels which can be independently turned on or off, or used together, and operate as follows:

  • Story is the default mode in which children and parents alike can enjoy a casual read by way of charming adventures.
  • Pop-up words are for the curious little ones; where they can learn words associated with visual elements within the story.
  • Facts are for older children (and grown-ups too!), allowing everyone to learn educational facts about our beautiful world (we collect and fact check our data against government and accredited sources such as the CIA World Factbook).

dōbooks for iOS – Creating magical moments with your child one sparkle at a time

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